Golden Tiger Eye Brick Tile

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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Tile is a delightful mix of brown & gold tones with mesmerizing stripes all through. The Tiger's Eye Crystal is a particularly mainstream choice for its obvious beauty! This one of a kind tile flaunts rich earth tones with the perfect amount of brilliant shine, obscuring the lines of extravagance and earthy shades. The smooth, surface adds a unique touch to your designed space. 

Not just for pools, this nature-inspired golden-brown tile is popular in both open air and indoor applications, working impeccably as a washroom back splash, shower floor tile, or a statement piece highlight for your home decor layout or business property. The golden accents get the attention and shimmer in the sun or any regular light, making a one of a kind at-home oasis. For business applications, this crystal tile holds up great with multiple use in showers, pools, hot tubs & flooring white adding style & elegance to any space. 

Can be used for:

-Wall/Floor tile - YES
-Residential/Commercial? - Both
-Shower floor? -YES
-Kitchen/Bathroom countertop YES
-Steam room - YES 
-Pool? - YES
-Fireplace?- YES
-Can be backlit- NO