Crystal House Miami

Blue Agate Tiles

Blue Agate

These Blue Agate Tiles add a unique design touch wherever  you choose to situate it! They are available in a variety of shades & colors including Black, White, Natural, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Gray & Purple.

We can also provide Agate slabs with Ombré Effect where the colors can gradually change within the same tile or from tile to the adjacent tiles.

The translucent property of this crystal would allow you to backlit the tiles & show their unique glamour. Glass can be infused to the large tiles to increase their capacities keeping their transparency.

 Can be used for: 

-Wall/Floor tile - YES
-Residential/Commercial? - Both
-Shower floor? -YES
-Kitchen/Bathroom countertop YES
-Steam room - YES
-Pool? - YES
-Fireplace?- YES
-Can be backlit- YES