Crystal House Miami

Malachite Flower Tile


If you’re looking for an artistic direction, then Malachite is for you! In addition to the fact that malachite features an intelligent composition and highly reflective, it displays a wonderful cluster of geometrical shapes that helps toss the light in many directions, making this the ideal for a sunlit room. It will light up your inside space. Regardless of whether you are utilizing this as a statement piece or as a light holder, it will highly elevate your style.

Malachite has a green shading that doesn't degrade over the long run or when exposed to light. 

Can be used for: 

-Wall/Floor tile - YES
-Residential/Commercial? - Both 
-Shower floor? -YES
-Kitchen/Bathroom countertop YES
-Steam room - YES
-Pool? - YES
-Fireplace?- YES
-Can be backlit- NO