Crystal House Miami

Golden Obsidian Tile

Golden Obsidian

Our Golden Black Obsidian Tile is a great way to add golden metallic sheen­­ while bringing in the simplicity of black. If your aim is to mix it up & add a playful luxurious, reflective vibe to the space, this unique, gorgeous tile is for you! Add some lights to the space and enjoy this luminous playful energy it creates in its special spectacular look! The Blackness of this crystal tile highlights a cutting-edge modern style of your space and will bring a breezy open feel to the space.

Can be used for a splendid back splash, a statement piece, a component divider, mirror boarder or any other focal statement. Regardless of how you include it in your space, this dark golden crystal will light up your space more than you could imagine!

Can be used for:
-Wall/Floor tile - YES
-Residential/Commercial? - Both
-Shower floor? -YES
-Kitchen/Bathroom countertop YES
-Steam room - YES
-Pool? - YES
-Fireplace?- YES
-Can be backlit- NO